Charel Theisen

Applied Intelligence Consulting | MSc Data Science

Tool: Exploring the German Bundesliga

During my “Data Visualization” course I built an interactive tool to explore the German Bundesliga. Coding: R, Main packages: Ggplot and Shiny.


In football, the players playing in one league are very divers. Although they share the same sport and play in the same country, they do not have the same background. They all have different skills, ages and nationalities. Moreover, football players occupy different positions on the pitch. Thus, despite practising the same sport, they have different abilities and skills. A visualisation of the German Football League (Bundesliga) helps to understand the underlying data. In doing so, the football dataset can answer several research questions:
– How do the different football positions (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward) differ from one another?
– What are the key drivers for the player’s football performance or wage? – How do different clubs differ from another in terms of nationalities?
– Which are the best players for every position?
It can furthermore:
– Find players according to different criteria a club needs to know (e.g. young or cheap
– Search for similar players and show their differences

Contact me if you are interested in this code or want a video demonstration.